HR Tech Saudi Summit 2019

2019 Supporting Partner


Changing Face of Kingdom's HR Transformation!

The HR Tech Saudi Summit continues to be the only event in the Kingdom that focuses on HR Technology and brings together top HR and IT leaders from some of the most forward thinking organizations in Saudi Arabia and global technology innovators under roof for a period of two days to discuss latest trends, ideas and challenges faced in implementing technology for the Kingdom's human resource functions.

Focused on the theme "Reshaping the future of HR: From HR Transformation, HR Disruption to HR Invented" the agenda for the HR Tech Saudi Summit 2019 will cover:

Embracing the future of work in the digital world

Kingdom's HR Leadership under vision 2030

AI in HR: freeing up time to be more human

Rethinking Employee Experience & Strategic Workforce Planning

HR Analytics & Big Data

Building an ROI based organizational Learning & Development framework

Why enterprises are embracing AI & Chat bots for automating human resources

The economic role of women in Saudi Arabia's tech revolution

Employee performance management for Millennials

The impact of AI and emerging technologies such as Blockchain

How to ensure graduates & the private sector are aligned for the future of work

How workplace wellness approaches are evolving and What role does the C-Suit play in promoting well-being?

New for 2019

Digital transformation Case Studies
At HR Tech Saudi 2019 you will witness top notch speakers from KSA share innovative insights and out of the box ideas on successful HR transformation through powerful case studies and real life examples.

Women in HR Technology
Bringing together a host of successful and influential women in the industry to discuss the changing scenario and addressing the changing role of women in HR and how more women can be attracted towards the field of HR tech

Minute to win it
The most innovative and effective HR Tech implementation - Live examples being discussed by the conference delegates on successful implementations within their organization, to be summarized within a minute.

HR Innovative Breakout Sessions
Kingdom’s top HR officials and Global HR solution providers get together in focused groups to discuss challenges, share experiences and explore new ideas to drive HR transformation on intense roundtable discussion

Challenge your supplier
Address your issues, concerns, needs and expectations with your current/future solution providers to get the much-needed answers to the challenges you face while implementing HR technology.

Engaging Experiences
The number one focus for HR right now is to create an employee experience which engages employees to love what they do! During the summit, experience team building activities and get engaged in initiatives to connect with workforce for tomorrow!